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Hare Ram is a 2008 Telugu movie directed by Harshavardhan, and produced by Kalyan Ram, under N.T.R. Arts. Kalyan Ram plays the lead role while Priyamani, Ali, Brahmanandam, Kota Srinivasa Rao and Raghu Babu play supporting roles. Mickey J Meyer was the music director, C. Ram Prasad handled cinematography, and was edited by Gowtham Raju. The film was released on 18 July 2008. This movie is the next best hit for Kalyan Ram after Athanokkade which was a blockbuster. Cast Kalyan Ram ... Hari / Ram Priyamani ... Anjali Kota Srinivasa Rao ... Siva Reddy Ali ... Brahmanandam ... Raghu Babu ... Crew Director ... Harshavardhan Producer ... Kalyan Ram Music Director ... Mickey J Meyer Cinematography ... C.Ram Prasad Editor ... Gowtam Raju Action ... Ram Lakshman, Selva Plot The film is about an IPS officer Hari (Kalyanram) who is busy investigating the murders of a news reporter (Prabhakar) and then a well known doctor (Rajeev Kanakala) and then discovers that these are the murders done by his conjugal twin Ram (Kalyanram). The story goes that Ram has a problem with his brain and is unable to control his hyper emotions about few things which makes him a beast at times. He would not even hesitate to kill and does not like anyone being praised or belittling him. In this process, he builds a grudge against his own brother who is good at everything and tries to kill him right during their childhood. Their mother (Seetha) is unable to tolerate all this and takes it upon herself to change Ram, so she takes him away from Hari to avoid further hatred but then not much change happens in the nature of Ram even after they grow up. Meanwhile, Hari is often chased by Anjali (Priyamani) who poses as a bank employee but in truth she is actually a CBI officer who comes to arrest Hari since she suspects his hand in the killings of a news reporter (Prabhakar) and a well known doctor (Rajeev Kanakala). Apparently, the doctor happens to be the younger brother of the health minister Siva Reddy (Kota Srinivasa Rao) and from then on the minister is closely on the heels of the killer. Anjali finally manages to arrest Hari successfully through a plan of hers and soon she realizes her folly when she chances upon his mother and understands the entire story of Hari and Ram. Why does Ram commit the two murders? Does he change his attitude towards his brother? Can Ram get out of the case smoothly? All this forms the rest of the story.'READ MORE
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Director:J.D. Chakravarthi Writer:Kona Venkat Stars:Jagapathi Babu, Mamta Mohadas, Brahmaji and J.D. Chakravarthi, Mahesh Manjrekar'READ MORE
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Release date: 9/3/1990 Banner: Sri Vijayalaxmi Art Cast: Chiranjeevi, Vijayashanti, Radha Producer: T Trivikrama Rao Director: A. Kodandarami Reddy Music: Ilayaraja Dialogues: Yandamuri Veerendranadh Camera: V S R Swamy Box-office performance The film was a block buster hit The film had collected a distributors' share of 7.4 million in its opening week Jeevithame oka ata, Subhaleka rasukunna and several other songs from the film were also very famous. Story line: Raja(Chiranjeevi) goes to town for higher studies with the donation of people living in a tribal village. He returns back to his village after the studies. He then finds the sufferings of his people and how they are cheated local heads (Rao Gopal Rao and Mohanbabu).He then fills confidence in his men and tells them that they should face these illegal in the court of law. But this duo makes the villagers fools and Raja's attempts goes in vain. Few villagers get hurt by this act suicide as they have no other option and the blame is on Raja as he has forced them. Sametime Raja is selected for IAS but he rejects it and decides to fight against the villains and changes to a Robinhood avatar and names himself as Kondaveti Donga. He punishes the illegal and stands by the villagers thus all his folk starts admiring him. Trouble starts when the villains start doing mischief in the name of him. Vijayasanthi is an inspector comes to his place to catch hold of him. Radha her sister, working as a doctor knows his true identity and starts loving him. How this kondaveti donga punished the fraud people or is he caught by the police or what happens to him forms the rest of the story.'READ MORE
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Panjaa Cast: Pawan kalyan, Sarah Jane Dias, Anjali Lavania Music:Yuvan Shankar Raja Director: Vishnu Vardhan'READ MORE
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Song From Pilla Zamindar Music:Selva Ganesh Cast: Nani, Bindu Madhavi, HariPriya'READ MORE
2013-05-22 11:39:07 3/5/2013 1:31:00 PM [IST]
Vedam Music: MM. Keeravani CAST: Allu Arjun, Manchu Manoj, Anushka, Deeksha Seth'READ MORE
2013-05-22 11:39:05 3/5/2013 1:31:00 PM [IST]
Nippu Songs Movie Comedy HD Raviteja Ravi Teja Latest Deeksha Seth Sexy Naval Show Swim Suit Bikini MMS Scandal Boob Full movie Action Entertainment India Telugu South Indian Fims Beauty Wardrobe Malfunction Bhavana Sriram Brahmanadam Rajendra Prasad Jeeva Pradeep Rawat Faction New movies Gunsekhar YVS Dharuvu Trailers Daruvu SongsChowdary Thaman'READ MORE
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Cast : Jr. Ntr - Actor,Kajal Aggarwal - Actor Badshah Crew Srinu Vytla - Director Thaman S - Music Director Ganesh Babu - Producer http://www.youtube.com/volgavideo http://www.youtube.com/user/newvolgavideo/videos?view=1'READ MORE
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This Film Action& Adventure, Arjun Once Again Extraordinary Performence , Simran Acting This Film, Manorama, Vadivelu, Tejashree, Gaurav Chopra, Sarath Babu Is Other Characters. Watch more movies @ http://www.youtube.com/volgavideo http://www.youtube.com/user/newvolgavideo/videos?view=1'READ MORE
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Story Line : Dayamayudu is the story of Lord Jesus Christ The son of God. The movie shows the journey of jesus christ from his teachings his disciples. How the Jewish leaders turn him stripped, flogged, mocked, and crowned with thorns and re appeared again after 3 days proves he is son of God and preaches to spread love and keep faith in God.'READ MORE
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Story Line: Chiranjeevulu is a film about four youngsters who land up in a village accidentally, and then fight out the big bad man of the village. The plot revolves around a village that has Nagendra (Nagendra Babu) as the president and Satya Murthy as his rival. Satya Murthy is the villain, and is envious of Nagendra for all the goodwill he has of the villagers. Now Radha, the daughter of Nagendra, and Anand, the son of Satya Murthy, are in love with each other (yes, you knew it!). Nagendra supports the lovers, and, in trying to unite them, is killed by Satya Murthy, who becomes the president himself now. Enter Charan (Ravi Teja), Giri (Bramhaji), Chanti (Shivaji) and Kiran (Sijju), four friends who are being chased by both the people and the police. In an attempt to flee, they board a train and reach an unidentified destination (to them, that is - we already know it so well). They kind of like the countryside air, and decide to chill out at here for a few days, but fall into trouble caused by the Big Bad Man. They are rescued by Lakshmi, the widow of Nagendra, and become her adopted children. And of course, they will avenge her trauma. If there wasn't enough drama already, a flashback tells you that Giri and Chanti are victims of cancer and the other two are accused of a murder each that they can defend. The comedy by Bramhanandam and a couple of others fails to evoke any laughter, but the script deserves most of the blame. Sanghavi in an insignificant role as the lover of Charan does not create an impact either.'READ MORE
2013-05-22 11:38:55 3/5/2013 1:31:00 PM [IST]
Story Line: Cash is based on the 'it's-all-about-money-honey' premise. Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan (played by Gemini and Teja, debutants) are two smartass lazy bums who dream of getting rich (hence their names) the easy way. Their dream comes true in Aishwarya Ashram, home for the handicapped, where physically challenged persons are given a chance to manage the home financially. The ashram is the brainchild of Aishwarya (Zeenath), Miss World (promise, she is). Unlike some Namuna Miss Indias and Miss Worlds like Sush and Ash who talk about caring and sharing and then go about baring and daring on the silver screen, this Aishwarya means every word of what she says. Proof of her words is the setting up of the ashram. Chiru and Pawan decide to freeload at the ashram for sometime pretending to be handicapped, and when the right time comes, scoot with the booty there. While Chiru pretends to be blind, Pawan tries his deaf act. Each one is secretly trying to impress Aishwarya and of course gain the reigns of the finances. But that's not easy as they get a whiff of each other's fake identities. Chiru as a TV freak and Pawan as a music buff find it hard to stick to their identities, and that's where the movie gives you the first round of laughs. Trouble begins when Aishwarya's evil uncle Purushottam and his sweetheart Sakkubai (Tanikella and Apoorva) too are eyeing the same money. Enter the crack Swot team comprising Tom & Jerry (Mohan and Surya of Show fame) and gangster Yadav (Rami Reddy), and the ashram becomes a colossal chaos with high-funda gameplans, freakish strategies and hilarious ideas. A second round of laughs here. It's a comedy of errors throughout. How the baddies get a taste of their own bitter medicine and how the two chaps manage to impress Aishwarya is the rest of the story. While the names of the main cast read like the entries in 'Baby Name Finder' and refuse to ring a bell, the two guys are surprisingly neat. They talk, emote and even look confident. Looks wise too they manage to pass muster. But Zeenath, who plays Miss World, is a goner - in looks and in work. She looks like she has missed the world by a good one decade and is catching up on the lost time. Apoorva as the buxom belle, with her outrageous costumes, is for the cheap thrills. Surya as the chap with a long sight (for all his super spy skills, he can't see things that are closer than five feet) and his bumchum with a fetish for touch create a racket and keep the movie in motion. Except for a raunchy folk number (by Sarangapani who died last month), there is nothing that even remotely sounds like music. Ravi Chavali (who gave us horrors such as Bachelors and College previously) has made no special attempts to really fit in the regular romance angle, and that's a relief. At least somebody is trying to be different!'READ MORE
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Story Line: Back Pocket is an Romance based movie. In which, Vijay (Vijay Sai) is a spoilt brat in a rich family at Rajahmundry. Vexed by his state of mind, his parents decides to get him married. Angered by the parents decision, Vijay leaves his home and goes to Hyderabad. Durga Prasad (Suman) steals a diamond worth a crore from a diamond shop at Rajahmundry and police are in search of him. To avoid problems, Durga Prasad drops the diamond in back pocket of Vijay so that he could pick it up later. But later, Vijay turns out to be a tough nut for Durga Prasad. Vijay falls in love with a famous pop singer Madhuri (Sony Raj) at first sight. The rest of the story is all about how Durga Prasad tried in procuring his diamond back.'READ MORE
2013-05-22 11:38:50 3/5/2013 1:31:00 PM [IST]
Story Line: Appudappudu is an Romance Family based movie. In which, Sundeep (Raja) and Radhika (Shriya Reddy) enter into wedlock through an arranged marriage. Both these people come from a very rich and wealthy family background. They start living in an independent house. They slowly realize and decide that they are not exactly meant for each other. After a big quarell, they decide to take divorce.After applying for divorce, they accidentally meet at a friend's wedding place. They happen to stay together in the same room again for a few days as an obligation. Then they realize that the other person is not bad at all. By the time, they start falling in love with each other, the divorce is granted by the court and their parents also get a match for their second marriages. The climax is all about whether they stay with each other for the rest of their life or not!!'READ MORE